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6 Tips For Real Estate Agents On Zoom

Many real estate firms are still running their business while the coronavirus outbreak is occurring, so the use of zoom is a necessary accessory. Those who are just beginning to use this platform may be uncertain or even unsettled about this core technology. Here are some ideas to get you started.


#1 Add A Profile Picture

You can also choose to use your profile picture to appear on people's screens whenever you are not using your camera. If you don't want to upload a profile picture, your computer or mobile camera will only display your name or a bland icon.


#2 Integrate Zoom With Your Calendar

Zoom comes with a large number of integrations to help you as much as possible to integrate your company's use of Zoom into your daily operations. There are a number of ways to take advantage of Zoom, one of which is integrating it with your calendar. As long as you are using Google Calendar or Outlook, this Zoom integration makes it simple to schedule Zoom meetings.


#3 Periodically Check Your Security Settings

"Zoom-bombing" is a phrase you may have heard of. In this case, hackers join unannounced and uninvited meetings known as "Zoom." Zoom increased its security measures in order to avoid this from happening. You can use the meeting room password to limit who gets to attend the meeting, as well as create a waiting room in which the admin admits attendees one at a time. By taking these extra measures, you help avoid these potentially uncomfortable occurrences.


#4 Dress To Impress

You are still expected to dress professionally even if you are working from home. This very small step will boost your professionalism to an entirely new level. And please don’t try to pull off the dress shirt with pajama pants. Besides the fact that it is unprofessional, you also want to feel the part and act the part. If you’re only dressing up half way your efforts will also be half way. 


 #5 Utilize Virtual Backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds are a great option if you don't want your home office visitors to have a peek inside your workspace. A simple Google search (type in “Zoom background”) or browsing different brand websites (like West Elm, IKEA, and more) will lead you to plenty of free backgrounds.


#6 Showtime!

There are several things you can do to go the extra mile when it comes to looking your best on camera.

  • Make sure the camera is level (not significantly above or below your face). 
  • For less than $50, purchase a ring light on Amazon. 

  • To make minor adjustments to your appearance, go to the “Zoom Settings” page in your account.

  • If it is an important meeting, you may want to use some cover up. Yes men, you too. You don’t want to look pale from the lighting or wrinkly because you just rolled out of bed. 

  • Think about investing in an external webcam rather than using the one on your computer.