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Get Ready for Fall with these End-of-Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Hot and sunny weather can take a toll on any property, especially when you consider the exterior! It’s important to have a maintenance plan to make sure your home looks great year-round, and most importantly is ready for the fall and winter weather! Putting off any maintenance that your home may need, to save money now, will cost you a lot more long term. If you’re planning on putting your house on the market this fall, then this to-do list becomes a “must do” list!

Create an IG post and share it with all your clients to prepare them for the fall! Here are some tips and points to add to your to-do list, we’ll start from the outside then go in.

Clean the Gutters

This should be done at least twice a year. It’s ideal to clean the gutters at the end of summer, to prepare for the new season’s rainfall. You need to make sure that leaves and debris are not clogging your gutters so rain is properly draining from the roof. If you have too much water spilling over due to clogged gutters, this can damage the foundation of your home through erosion. Once you’re done cleaning, use a garden hose to test the gutters. Make sure that the water is not only running freely, but that it’s flowing away from the home.

Inspect the Roof

While you’re up on the roof testing the gutters, make sure you look around and note if there’s any damage on the roof. This can look like loose or damaged shingles, and soft spots that can leak through. Remember that any damage on the roof should be fixed as soon as possible, if not this increases the likelihood of water leakage. If water is entering your home, this is not only unpleasant but also can cause structural damage. 


Protect Outdoor Spaces

Whether you have a deck, patio, porch or balcony, make sure to check your outdoor spaces for any damage. You will want to fix it all before the rainy season, so these damages don’t get worse. Check for chips, cracks or holes! If you use outdoor furniture, you may want to put it all away. If it rains or snows in your area, protect your furniture by putting it all in your garage so they don’t get discolored or frost over. Lastly, clean your garbage bins! The colder it gets, the more small animals you may find hiding in your garbage, most of them attracted by the smell! Clean your garbage bins to avoid unwanted long term tenants in your trash! 

Check Air Flow & Insulation

Optimizing air flow in your home can help remove microbes and stale smells in your home, especially when considering rooms that are not used a lot. This improves indoor air quality and is much better for your family’s health! Proper airflow also allows your air conditioning system to evenly cool each room in your house, making your space more comfortable. Check your vents, any room fans, dryer vents, baseboard heaters and HVAC units for any dust or debris buildup. Make sure each of these get cleaned very well, dust can cause blockages in your air flow. While you’re at it, check out the air filters in your home! Extremely hot weather (like the summer we’ve just had) can make your air filters dirty with debris and BACTERIA! It may be time to swap for a new one! It’s pretty easy to replace a filter and it’s inexpensive!

Insulation is vital in keeping your home warm during the winter, this may not be a concern right now but make sure you are prepared for oncoming cold weather. Walk around the exterior of your property and look for any spots that may need repairing. Make sure that all your windows and doors are keeping warm air inside and not letting any cold air in! You may need to add caulking around your windows and check the weather stripping around your doors in case they need to be changed. Sealing your home is a vital step in this process. Your heaters will be working overtime in the winter and you’ll be spending a lot more money on utilities than you need to!

Turn up the heat

You haven’t used the heater for months, so it may be smart to check HVAC units thoroughly. It may be smart to call in a professional to inspect and service anything that may need to be serviced. If you have a furnace filter, these should be changed and of course make sure they’re working well. You wouldn’t want to find out you can’t use the heater on a cold day next month, especially if you can’t have it serviced the same day! 

For homes that have fireplaces, go ahead and light the fireplace and clean the chimney! Check to make sure they are clean so it’s safe and PLEASANT to light in the winter. You don’t want your home smelling like burnt dust during Thanksgiving… or any other day. If you have an electric fireplace, check this as well to make sure it works.

Small Indoor Maintenance Projects

Walk around your house and make a checklist, what else needs to be done? You should consider completing most, or all of your projects in the summer when it’s warm enough to keep the windows open to air out your home! You don’t want the smell of chemicals or contractors coming in and out of your home when it’s raining outside. Here are some small tasks to consider;

It’s more humid than normal during the summer, so your garbage disposal likely has an increased bacteria population. Make sure to clean the disposal and check the entire kitchen for any ant infestations. 

If you need to paint the walls or have the carpets washed, this is the perfect time to do it. During the summer, kids have been home all day or you may have been going in and out of the house more. The weather is warm enough to keep all the windows open to the paint and cleaning vapors out of the house by bedtime!

Being a homeowner is difficult but rewarding, make sure to take these steps to protect your investment! Most of these can be done as DIY projects with the entire family! Or, of course, you can hire contractors to take care of it all. Is there anything else you do yearly to prepare for the fall? Message us on IG, or share on your feed!