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The Best Marketing for Your Real Estate Listings

As the market shifts yet again, it’s even more important now to have a strategic approach to marketing your listings. Bring life to your listing by creating a special narrative, so people feel that they are buying a home, not just a house. To help make your listings shine, we’ve compiled a list of 9 marketing ideas to put your listings aside from the competition. 


Before you start, it’s important to identify the target buyer for each listing. You can’t be marketing a luxury home to your local PTA if the average home in your neighborhood is less than $200,000. You should not and cannot even begin the planning stages of your marketing plan without targeting the right audience. Second, you must keep in mind that all listings should have the same branding. It doesn’t matter if you’re posting a million dollar home or a $56million home, you represent yourself and your brand so make sure your logo and face are included in all marketing efforts. A potential client may not be ready to buy just yet, but they should get used to seeing you and reading your name. This way they are more likely to trust and contact you for their future needs.


Listing Photos + Videos 

Once you’ve landed a listing, the first step is to hire a professional photographer. Professional photos help sell properties 115% faster than if you took the photos with your phone. Choose the right photographer and you may not even have to visit the home before posting it, the photographer will choose the perfect shots and use the natural/artificial lighting to highlight the best parts of the home. 

If you want to go the extra mile, real estate video tours will allow you to showcase more of the home and result in a more emotional reaction from potential buyers. The house will sell itself at this point, someone who isn’t local may decide to purchase the property without ever seeing it in person. If you have a more expensive listing, this would be a wise investment to create the best leads. 


MLS Descriptions 

Once you’re ready to post your listing on MLS, take some time writing the description. Include the most notable features that set the property apart from any other local home.


Feature Listings on Your Home Page

Make sure to post all your listings on your home page, leads may not stay on your website much so make sure to have an eye-catching property to convince them to click on more homes. Have your priority listing at the top of the page. 

Each listing should still have their own website, this will create more interest. It may not make sense to dedicate this kind of time and resources to your smaller listings, but any property in the luxury space should have it’s own website. This way you can focus the user’s experience and showcase all the angles of the property you want. Most importantly, it now becomes easier to track the website’s traffic and engagement. 

If you do this, make sure to add all the keywords you can in the domain name, and in the description so you can generate organic (FREE) traffic to your listing. Add lead capture forms to every page on your website, and make sure to list open house dates. Landing pages are just as effective to collect lead information, most agents offer free downloads (like buyer’s guides) to increase the conversions.


Optimize You Listing

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most, if not the most, important tool in digital marketing. Spend some time searching keywords, if you can outsource this you will see the benefits. Once you know what buyers are searching for, include these words and phrases in all marketing and landing pages. 

PRO TIP: Make sure all the files you upload and the alt text in all photos include the listing address!


Email Any and Every Lead

Email continues to be a strong lead generation tool in real estate. Most people looking to buy, and all agents helping buyers check their emails daily and are more likely to click on marketing messages about properties for sale. 

In these emails, include the best photos of your listing and the most important details (features that set it apart and the listing address). Make sure to add links, so that they are guided to your landing page no matter where they press on the screen. You can even add a form, where leads can fill out more information about what they are looking for to be contacted by you directly.



TPN has mentioned creating blog posts multiple times as a great form of marketing for real estate professionals. This works great with listings too, you have so much more space to write a detailed description about the featured listing of the week!  This also adds to the SEO value of your website.

  • Make sure to use the right keywords throughout the post, to generate more organic leads from search engines. Include local words, or write about local places near the listing.

  • Include the listing address and your contact information

  • You can include more details about the local area, write about the schools or review local businesses. Provide information about community events, convincing someone they would love to live in that community. 


Open Houses

There will never be a better way to connect than face to face! Host GREAT open houses and try to make a genuine connection with each person that enters the property; this may not be the right home for them but assure them that you have other options. Collect everyone’s names and contact information, make sure to follow up with each of these leads after the Open House (this is where you mention something personal you learned about them at the Open House).

Stage the home before the Open House, but make sure it is not cluttered or personalized. Each person walking through the doors needs to be able to imagine their own life, their own belongings in that space. 

You can market your Open House by knocking on neighbor’s doors, sending flyers and posting ads online! If you have the budget for it, create personalized water bottles, pens, magnets and other small items you can give away. 


Local Mailers 

Although mailers may seem like an old way of marketing, they are still very effective in real estate. This will help keep you in people’s minds so when they are ready to buy/sell again they contact you!

You may want to hire a graphic designer, at least the first time you’re creating mailers, you can purchase a template with your branding and just change the information and reuse it in the future. You want to be able to track the progress of these mailers too, so add a QR code the customer can scan and land on the listing page! The website will also have more information you were not able to print directly on a mailer.


Share Your Listing with Other Agents!

At The Pocket Network, we believe in the power of networking. If you meet the right person, they have the power to transform your life and your career. 

The best leads are the most qualified ones, and people who have been pre-approved for a loan are probably already working with an agent. Keep your network large and one of the agents you know will have a buyer in mind for your listing. Contact them directly and be clear about what you are offering or what you need from them. Depending on your relationship with the agent, they may even share your listing on social media!

There are so many ways to market a listing, these are just some examples. Let us know what has worked for you? Do you see a difference in the effectiveness of your marketing strategies pre-pandemic, during and post (we’re going to pretend COVID isn’t a thing anymore) pandemic?