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Celebrate Your Victories

Building a great team is instrumental to one’s success.  But building the team doesn’t end there.  When we work with our team there needs to be a sense of comradery, a sense of family.  On average we spent more time with these people than anyone else daily.  And to make sure that things don’t get bland on the team it is a good idea to acknowledge one’s accomplishments.  Because at the end of the day when on person on a team accomplishes something it is a reflection on the rest of the team.  Below we will give you some pointers on how to celebrate the values and victories of your employees and how this will make you a better leader in the long run.

  • Performance improves when leaders publicly honor those who have excelled
    • This gives a sense of we are all in this together including the leader
    • The essentials are creating a spirit of community
    • Be personally involved.
  • Creating a spirit of community
    • Help employees connect with one another
    • This infuses life with passion and purpose
    • Celebrate accomplishments in public
      • Increases the recipient’s sense of worth
      • Improves performance
      • Builds role models
      • Builds commitments
      • Builds loyalty to the company – people will want to stay
      • Provide social support – building friendships at work increase productivity
      • Having fun together – hard work and fun need to be hand in hand. 
        • Create atmosphere where a person can enjoy coming to work
        • Making sure you and your team have fun together
        • Not all about parties, games and festivities but creating an atmosphere where complex problems are solved efficiently, and people will have fun solving these issues
        • Having fun enhances problem solving skills
        • Leaders need to set the tone and when they do the others will follow that example
  • Being personally involved
    • Being personally involved in celebrations is impactful
    • Your works see the leadership firsthand- leads to motivation
    • Creates a strong culture built around strong values
    • Being hands on shows that you care
      • This makes it a safe and secure place of work and that adds to the support workers need
      • Shows that you have the best interest at heart when you are personally involved
      • Delivering news personally – shows you care
    • Make Celebrations Part of Organizational Life
      • Put celebrations on the calendar
      • Brings people together
      • Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries
        • Cyclic celebrations
        • Recognition ceremonies
        • Celebrations of triumph – special accomplishments
        • Rituals for comfort and letting go – be happy with those that are happy and sad with those who are sad.  Show that empathy
        • Personal transitions - people leaving – appreciate what they have done for the company.  This will leave a door open for them to come back.



The key takeaway from all this is a sense of community in the workplace as well as a strong connection with one another. We work long hours and it much more efficient that the team you work with is in perfect harmony.  We as leaders have the responsibility to make sure everyone of our team members is acknowledged and appreciated for the work, they are putting for the betterment of the team. 


You can find much more on this subject and then some by reading the book below:


Stop Selling and Start Leading: How to Make Extraordinary Sales Happen

James M. Kouzes (Author), Barry Z. Posner (Author), Deb Calvert