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Post Card Every Agent Must Send

Do you have an overflowing mailbox that is full with flyers, advertisements, and junk mail that you rarely glance at? The majority of bad real estate postcards end up in the recycling bin before they even make it through the front door. 


That's why we looked for the most effective real estate postcards and put up a list of the top four companies to consider for your next mailer campaign. To kick-start your real estate prospecting efforts, here are 7 real estate postcards that actually work, as well as our top providers.


Post Card Provider

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Customization and campaigns 


Real estate-specific firm that offers an extensive selection of postcard designs for virtually any occasion.


A whole marketing campaign, created with the help of an excellent suite of postcards.


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7 Real Estate Postcard You Must Use

Following this advice, I want to show you 7 various postcards that you can use to conduct different conversations, generate leads, and ultimately help you reach the closing table more often.


  1. Just Listed Postcards

For each successful real estate agent, the most prominent part of their promotional plan is the Just Listed postcard. 


Two great things may be found with one little postcard! To be effective, the first thing you must do is to contact the buyers in your network to notify them of a property they might be interested in. The second method is to get in touch with the neighbors and let them know that you, the neighborhood real estate superstar, have listed a fantastic home. If they want to get involved, they may have a future with us. 


Using the Just Listed postcard is an excellent strategy for circle prospecting, or sending out postcards to houses near your current and prior sales listings. If you are persistent with this strategy, it will grow more efficiently over time; as your neighbors hear about your accomplishment, your return on investment will rise.


      2. Just Sold Postcards

Just Sold is similar to the Just Listed postcard in that it is all about publicizing your accomplishments and making your presence known in the community. When you sell a property, always make sure the news gets out. The visibility of your sign is increased when it is placed in the yard. It is also important to follow up visibility with a message that conveys that you are now done with the task.


If you practice in a continuous manner, your results from this type of prospecting will skyrocket. This step should be included in your procedure for closing out a file; it is certain to produce more listings.


        3. Home Purchase Anniversary Postcards

The greatest method to stay top of mind with customers is to maintain regular communication with them or, even better, to keep in touch with someone they know who needs assistance with a new transaction or the purchase of real estate. 


Do you know the technique to make your customers' ears perk up? Create a postcard for every closing of a deal, and send them out on the last day of the month. Consider using an image you can use for several clients on a one-off postcard. Mention something simple and handwritten in your card, and wire down  a delivery date on your calendar so you don't miss the day.

       4.  National Holiday Postcards

Connecting with your entire sphere on special occasions is awesome. Celebrations like Mother's Day, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day are wonderful occasions for communicating, but you should also consider dates like the end of summer, the beginning of daylight savings time, or Earth Day. Clients are most likely to connect with these themes and seasons that are familiar to everyone. 


Maximize the efficacy of your delivery by using this example of a letter. An example of this is a daylight savings reminder. If it arrives two weeks before it's due, it won't do any good. If it arrives two weeks after, it will not be of any use. Your message should be uplifting and concise, as well as inviting for communication.


         5. Expired Listings Postcards

Recently expired listings are ideal candidates for conversions, assuming you know how to work with them. When it comes to expired listings, a number of Realtors say they are unhappy with their overall success rate.


A wonderful spot to tell the seller that you realize how annoying expired listings can be is on this postcard. This post card should be sent the same day the listing expires. By the time they receive it they would have received tons of phone calls but little to no post cards. With the right messaging on the postcard you will surely get a call. 

          6. For Sale By Owner Postcards

FSBO sellers can also benefit from a postcard mailing. The sale of one's home by an FSBO seller has been revealed to the public. The decision is all yours: you just simply prove to them why you are the ideal salesperson to sell it.


Focus on the difficult parts of selling a home and explain how you are tackling those issues in your postcard message. Seek to identify issues, but don't allow them to define you. Instead, direct your efforts on the solutions you've developed, and you'll follow it up with a strong phone discussion or an in-person visit to complete the transaction.


         7. Local New Agent Postcards

Getting the word out about your new business is crucial in the early stages of your profession, and having a postcard for your customers is a fantastic idea. Be enthusiastic and positive. Stick to the essentials, highlight what's vital to you as a real estate agent, and explain why it's valuable to your neighborhood.


A broader mailing list is not always better for this type of postcard. Although distributing agency postcards throughout the city is tempting, it's best to focus your efforts on those who already have knowledge of who you are.


Postcard Must-haves:


Attention Grabber: If your postcard's content is in the text, then you must attract your recipient's eye and make an impression with your postcard when it arrives in the mailbox.


Contact Info: Unless you don’t care for a response make sure you include all contact info. Cell phone number, office number, address, email, fax, brokers info, your info. Whatever you can fit, you must include. 


Headshot: Put a face to the name. Make sure you choose a headshot that makes you look confident and ready to sell anything!


Call To Action:  What do you want done after your postcard is actually read? Call Me! Text Me! Scan the QR Code! Visit My Website! Schedule A Free Consultation! Whatever it may be, you need to ask the reader to perform. 


Mail Disclaimers!

To avoid doing business with those who are represented by a Realtor, the NAR's Code of Ethics bans solicitations of business from clients who are represented by a Realtor. If you send out larger letter pieces, you may mail to clients that are already represented by an agent, as well as addresses that are for sale.In order to minimize the possible problems of ethics complaints, postcards should have the following someplace on them. You can use super fine print for disclaimers. As long as it's there. 


“If your property is currently listed with a Realtor and/or you are currently represented exclusively as a buyer by a Realtor, please disregard this notice. It is not our intention to solicit the offerings of other Brokers.”