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Social Media Tips & Tricks 

It is quite important to incorporate social media in your real estate marketing strategy if you intend to succeed in your endeavors. Take a look at the following list of strategies and methods you may adopt today if you have been neglecting your audience since you've run out of ideas about what to post.


Be Interesting


  • - Post a “day in the life of” video

  • - Start a poll, and keep your followers updated on the status

  • - Share quotes that inspire you

  • - Don’t make it all about work, get personal

  • - Inform your followers of recent books you’ve read

  • - Hop on new social media trends

  • - Post candid photos and videos of your work week

  • - Celebrate milestones


Provide Information


  • - Alert your followers of local events

  • - Post schedules for your open houses or any in the area

  • - Start blogging

  • - Post about market news and updates

  • - Any new laws or regulations your followers should be aware of

  • - Customer reviews

  • - Create a recommendation video 

  • - Describe a recent transaction

  • - Post buyer and seller tips


Be Generous


  • - Say Hello to new followers

  • - Share other social media pages 

  • - Congratulate people

  • - Send birthday or anniversary acknowledgements

  • - Comment, like, share, swipe up on other peoples posts

  • - Thank someone publicly

  • - Review local restaurants you love and tag them

  • - Tag everyone involved in your closed transactions and thank them for their help

  • - Do giveaways


Be Funny


  • - Create memes

  • - Share funny posts 

  • - Share funny posts from your industry

  • - Ask followers to “fill in the blank” and make it funny

  • - Ask your followers to come up with creative captions

  • - Have them describe a situation with movie titles

  • - Post fact or fiction questions


Be Helpful 


  • - Don’t ignore your inbox

  • - Provide your input on other peoples posts

  • - Avoid soliciting, social media is about media relationships and having an online presence

  • - Share new businesses or blogs that are starting out

  • - Publish monthly market updates for your followers

  • - Post a resource or tool you think your followers may need

  • - Share posts when people are looking for help


Using this short yet basic list of social media tips will drive your engagement through the roof. Remember that social media is not only for posting big sales or recent transactions. Make it personal, fun, and most importantly don’t be annoying. Post what you think is necessary, then make adjustments as you get feedback from your followers. You’re not going to ace it from day one. Having great social media presence takes time and patience. Post Away!