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The Values of Leadership

Every business needs a great leader. But is every leader capable of taking that
business or team to the next level? Is every leader a level 5 leader? Does every leader
have the emotional intelligence needed to take his or her team to the next level? Many
leaders lack certain values that set them apart from leaders that have those values and
thrive in consequence. Some of the most important values every leader should have
are communication, empathy and empowerment.

Communication is key to a leader because it is the one thing that directly links
their employees to themselves. Leaders who lack this value often fail at the vision they
set out to do. It is like a headless chicken running around and not getting anywhere.
With communication a leader knows exactly what is happening to the project they are
working on; they are there when needed; they are informed at what progress their team
is doing. Communication with colleagues benefits not only the team at hand but also
the how the workflow goes. The team now knows fully what the leader is expecting,
and they execute that accordingly. Applying this value within yourself will make you
lead your team much more effectively and efficiently. With a better flow of effectiveness
your team will thrive at the task on hand and you as the leader will reap the benefits of a
job well done by your team.

One of the five key points to emotional intelligence is empathy. A leader that has
this value is set far above because now the leader not only communicates well with the
employee or team member but also has a better understanding of what that person is
going through, what that person’s point of view is. A leader that can have the empathy
to see that person’s point of view and feel what they are feeling. Building empathy one
can also see what their team’s motivations are and how to make them work better, work
harder and understand the struggles people go through give them the positivity that they
need to carry out the day. In this way you can harness the other strong core values that
your team needs to achieve the mutual goal at hand.

Lastly, empowerment is key to any business success. A leader is in the ultimate
top of the power chain. But to take that power and empower your workers and their
motivations is what a true leader does. This eliminates the micro-managing leader
because you have given the power to your workers to do things themselves and by

doing this eventually will cause new leaders to emerge. With this at hand you also
empower your employees to have accountability. So important for everyone to be
accountable for what they are tasked to do. In doing so meetings are more productive
and people are better prepared. They know what their responsible for and are
accountable for it. Finally, saying “we” instead of “I” is so important. Executives need to
make sure that peers, employees and colleagues know that they are all included and
trusted by the leaders. And those new leaders will take your values that you have,
manifest them and apply them to their own leadership.
There are so many other values that leaders have but these three really make a
better leader. And they complement each other so well. Good communication leads a
leader to have empathy and understanding and with the understanding you have gained
causes you to empower future leaders to emerge and do the same with your example.
Below we have put a link of a great book on leadership for all of our subscribers to read,
it will change your mind set on leadership and make you a better leader for sure.

Total Leadership
By: Stewart D. Friedman