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Ways of Improving Productivity

When working as an agent, being adept at time management is absolutely necessary. Successful brokers and agents realize how valuable the time in a day is, and use that to their advantage.


One way to find out if you're having difficulty keeping up with your current workload is to look to people who have mastered time management. Whether you're employed or not, here are four daily activities that can help you become more productive:


Prioritize by importance

The benefit of being able to consistently focus on what you need to accomplish every day and handling each task one at a time is an advantage as an agent. Becoming proficient in this skill is important because mastering it could help you raise your productivity.


Abandon unnecessary diversions

Leaving your house or taking a break from social media while you're at the office is a good idea, as eliminating distractions is easier said than done. You know what interferes with your productivity while you're working, so be mindful of these things and do your best to avoid participating in them.


Minimize your downtime

Agents spend very little time off, so it's essential to take advantage of any spare time. Even though you can work while relaxing, however, there are some tasks that won't feel like work. Removing old emails, as well as figuring out what you still need to do over the next few days, will go a long way.


What is success for you?

How many new clients per month do you need? How many transactions would you like to have concluded? You must set your own standards of success and, if you are on track to meet those goals, you should not make radical changes to your work methodology. Although you may notice some room for improvement, always keep lists, focus on what is most important, and take advantage of any free time you have.


Have a schedule, and stick to it. 

Get a weekly planner and write down everything. All personal and professional events should be written in this planner so you stay a-course and know what to do during your down time. If there is nothing to get done during that time, clean up your calendar and set reminders and tasks that are coming up.