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Welcome To The Pocket Network


Now that you've joined our awesome community, you may be asking yourself, what are my benefits? 


     There are three types of members that would join The Pocket Network platform. Each member will have a different set of benefits in joining, which we will outline shortly. Though there will be different reasons as to why each type of member will join, all three will have a few key similarities. The Pocket Network believes in the power of community and networking.


     By allowing a free flow of information given by the members themselves, numerous possibilities will arise. You will receive the most amount whenever you are willing to give the most. With this in mind, members have the opportunity to help one another in any situation that arises for other members. With this function the member seeking advice will benefit tremendously by the vast majority of support received. Also, all other members viewing the feed post will interact and either input their own knowledge or learn from others.


     Real estate is a big and broad subject, ranging all across coasts, states, cities, and even local communities. Many times real estate professionals come across situations where they may need to seek help from a different location, or provide assistance to their current customer base in a different market. This is where The Pocket Network can be vital to their growing success. Members won’t lose out on collecting a referral fee for their return-clients and provide exceptional customer service by assuring that they will hand them over to a trusted agent or vendor. Easily post in the feed seeking assistance and find your match! Everyone can take advantage of this feature and no longer will you miss out on those additional opportunities. 


     Besides the networking our users will be able to do amongst themselves, The Pocket Network will have many other features available with limited access to free members and unlimited exclusive access to premium members. Those features include the following;


 -   Weekly blog posts containing various topics involving real estate. Many blogs will include tips, sales tactics, and important news updates.

 -   Podcasts will be held with several successful real estate agents. Some podcasts will include guests in the vendor category which will be very insightful. 

 -   The Pocket Network will continuously upload various video’s in our library. These videos will include helpful sales tips, business growth techniques, and there  will also be monthly market updates which will be important for everyone to view.

 -   Members will have access to downloadable guides such as listing checklists, buyer checklist, goal setting sheets and much more. 

 -   All members can join groups and be a part of a specific real estate topic. Premium members will have access to create a group. 

 -   If your company is hiring, you can post your job listing on The Pocket Network. Your job listing will be active for two months and be visible to all of The Pocket Network members. 

 -   Lastly there will be Webinars available to join. Webinar will either be hosted by admin or a premium member. Once there is a webinar scheduled you will be notified of it. 


Below we will outline the major advantages each type of member will specifically benefit in by joining The Pocket Network.


Newer Agents (1-5 years of experience)

     As a new Real Estate Agent you are faced with tons of challenges and an uphill climb to learning how to maneuver and manage through them. Besides the obvious sales and customer acquisition process of a real estate agents’ life, there is much more that comes along with being a successful agent. You will need to make goals and stick to them, learn how to execute contracts, manage your time properly, implement a system that works for you, go to showings, sit at open houses, the list can go on and on. 


     You may have signed up at a local brick and mortar office or a national agency office in your neighborhood. As a new real estate agent you start taking in so much information it may become overwhelming at times. Sometimes what overwhelms new agents is the old methods they’re being forced to learn with agencies that have not adapted to current times. That’s why 85%-90% of real estate agent’s fail or leave the business within the first 5 years. How can you continue to grow your business with the same old and boring techniques? Simply put, the real estate world is such a fast paced industry that if you don’t continue learning new and improved ways of dominating your market, the market and your competitors will dominate you. 


     The Pocket Network is where you have the opportunity as a new agent to speak to thousands of successful agents and see what they’re doing differently. Your hands don’t have to be tied down to what your agency is teaching you. You don’t need to spend three to ten thousand dollars on these “real estate guru’s”. Learn, network, collaborate with real people making a real difference in their markets. Take bits and pieces from what everyone is doing and customize it to make it your own. Then, and only then will you actually have enough real knowledge to use as power to dominate your market. One hat does not fit all in real estate. 


     Having a realtor colleague to collaborate with is important. What’s equally as important is having a list of vendors on speed dial. Being the new agent on the block the more information and value you can provide to prospects the more they’ll trust you. They will believe that you have what it takes to bring them across the finish line. That is what is going to set you apart from the other new agents and align you with the experienced agents. Let’s jump right in and see how you can use your vendors to accelerate your success.


     Lenders: Communicate with lenders to be informed on the latest industry mortgage trends. Being well informed about this topic puts you on the top of the list when speaking to prospects. Once asked a question about interest rates or mortgage programs you will already have the latest information at hand. This not only makes you look like you know what you’re doing but also helps you get signatures quicker since you won’t have to say “let me circle back with you on this matter”. You should be in constant contact with a wide range of lenders so you can ensure a buyer client you will match them up with a lender that best fits their needs. Are they a veteran? Match them up with a lender that specializes in VA loans. Is Spanish their first language? Find a lender that's fluent in spanish. This is how you can go above and beyond for your client and grow your relationship with multiple lenders. Remember, as a real estate agent you need to provide phenomenal service and put your client’s needs first. 


     Title & Escrow Reps: Buyer’s and seller’s are going to have tons of questions. Which is fair considering a real estate transaction is the largest financial transaction an average American makes. One of the very important parts of a transaction is the escrow period. Once in escrow, they’re going to be receiving a bunch of emails to read and documents to sign, and guess who’s getting the first call? Yes, you! Connect with a local representative and learn about the basic escrow process from A to Z. The documents involved, the time frames, the vesting process, etc. Once you have a general understanding of the full process of escrow and what a title company does, you can answer the majority of the questions that arise during the escrow period. One thing you should consider when helping a seller is opening a pre-escrow file. Talk to some title and escrow reps and see who you can connect with. 


     Home Inspectors: Home inspections can be a nerve wracking experience for some. Who’s required to do what? What local or state level requirements are there? Who pays for exigent findings? Not all inspections are smooth. You can start by having a list of trusted inspectors in the area ready to call. Give your client a peace of mind ensuring them that you will take care of the booking and scheduling. Once you’ve connected with an inspector you should feel free to call them and ask any questions you think your clients will ask. Then, when you call your clients and explain to them page by page they’ll feel a sense of security knowing they’re in trusted hands. You should also schedule a pre-inspection for sellers. 


     Insurance Agents: Depending on your market, the specific property may require a few types of insurance policy’s. You can connect with local insurance agents and ask them what the minimum local requirements are for your area. Once you have that basic information down, you can have them as a trusted partner so if any additional questions arise they can assist. Additionally, if your clients don’t already have a trusted insurance agent you can refer them to yours. They can help with price checking or basic policy questions. 


     As a real estate agent you need to be the central resource center for all your clients needs. Refer them out seamlessly or tackle any questions that arise. Either way, you’ll be fully equipped and armed with The Pocket Network.


Experienced Agents (5+ years)

     Congratulations!! You’ve surpassed the curse of the “real estate agent fail rate”. With The Pocket Network you will enjoy all the benefits a newer agent can take advantage of. There  is always room to grow and things to learn. It’s common for experienced agents to already have a wide range of vendors to choose from and a phone book full of other agents' contact  information. It’s also a common thing for experienced agents to start gaining business outside of their area. We all know, no one wants to miss out on those opportunities. Many experienced agents have a database of referrals they work with and create a steady stream of passive income from it. Let’s make the same happen for you!


     Build Team: Are you a broker that's looking for top producing agents to recruit? Do you work for an agency that gives you the ability to recruit agents and earn commission by doing so? The Pocket Network platform grants you access to thousands of agents you can connect with and build your team. 


     Host Webinar: Are you the coaching type? Do you have some real estate related content you desperately need to share? Or are you trying to recruit agents to your agency? As a premium member you will have access to request to host a webinar at your chosen date and time. Engage in live interaction with other users through interactive dialogues. Give knowledge during this time but also be ready to receive a lot in return. 


     Earn Extra Income: Members can find and connect with successful professionals like yourself. Once they've identified a potential mentor, they will be able to ask you for in-depth career help, simple advice or some innovative ideas. You can set a fee of your choosing and earn away!



     Usually on a platform where it’s mainly real estate agent based, you will rarely find other real estate professionals. The Pocket Network allows the major players involved in a single real estate transaction to be able to connect together, network with one another, and have the opportunity to grow their knowledge. All from one central location. As of now those specified vendors are the following:

     -   Lenders

     -   Title & Escrow Reps 

     -   Home Inspectors 

     -   Insurance Agents


     We believe that each one of these vendors plays a vital role in a real estate agent's career. There can not be any closed transactions without a collaboration of usually all five of the professions our platform is made for. What we’ve made possible is the ease of cooperation each one of these professions can have with one another. All starting with one goal of helping each other, but ultimately ending with the most important. Ensuring real estate clients are properly represented and taken care of.