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The Coolest For Sale Sign EVER!

Since many of us can remember, the traditional colonial real estate sign has been the go to for almost all Real Estate Agents. At this point we’re so used to seeing it, it has somewhat become unnoticeable. With technology evolving at an intensely rapid rate are these signs even necessary? How many people are actually going to pull over and take a look at the property because they saw the sign? Does your marketing increase because of it? Are you showcasing the property more or yourself? In the historic sellers market we were in for the majority of the last two years, the property would probably sell before you got a chance to put the sign up. So the looming questions we were asking is, if it’s still a thing? 


While we were searching for answers, new innovations, or something to simply inspire us and make us believe that real estate signs are still a thing, we stumbled across Spin Top Sings and boy were we blown away. They’ve created such a simple yet eye catching and innovating addition to the old and boring colonial real estate sign. 


Zack & Erica Greenburg revolutionized the traditional colonial real estate sign by adding a cylinder that sits on top of the sign post. This cylinder can display any image of your choosing. All you need to do is print six 8 x 10 pictures of either the inside of the property, important details, agent information, etc. The best part about the cylinder is that it lights up at night with solar panels located on top of the sign. This increases your marketing hours by shining light through your posted pictures, without disturbing the neighbors. The feature that customers and passerbyers love the most is the spinning capabilities. This makes it absolutely unique. Having this sign up on your next listing will help elevate your game and make you stand out. Many Realtors have mentioned that they present this in their listing presentation and customers are always impressed. 


If you’re interested in finding out more click here to be directed to the Spin Top Signs website


We spoke to Zack & Erica and discussed their journey in transforming the Real Estate Sign world.. Watch the full podcast below.