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How Top Producing Agents Impress Their Clients

While customers appreciate old-fashioned customer service, the greatest agents employ various tactics to stand out from the competition. Even after you begin creating trust and confidence in your clients, you can take your connection to the next level with these helpful suggestions.


To move your business to the next level, your clients should become brand advocates. Take use of these helpful suggestions:


We asked top producing real estate agents how they go above and beyond for their clients.


Pick up the phone 

You may be asking yourself, “why in the world would I not pick the phone up?”. Believe it or not, having great communication capabilities as an agent actually makes you go above and beyond. Some agents will beg and plead with texting and calling all day until they get the contract signed. Once it’s signed they disappear and work low-key without updating the clients periodically or simply picking up the phone when they call. For most clients, it’s either their first or second time conducting a real estate transaction which means they will have tons of questions to ask. You being the professional you are should be there ALWAYS to answer their questions and concerns. Lacking this will end up hurting your business in the long run. 


Send food on moving day

Moving day is a hassle that very few people actually enjoy doing. During your clients moving day send them dinner. A box of pizza or a family style Chinese food. The last they will have time for is dinner during such a hectic day. Make it easy for them. This small gesture will forever be remembered. 


Welcome them home

Take your clients a basket with chocolate and champagne. Leave a simple note like “Once you finish unpacking, it’s time to finally celebrate! Welcome Home”. If your client is new to the area you can buy them a gift card for one of the popular local restaurants. You can also leave them a guide of the local  parks, attractions, and shopping centers. 


Log significant events in your calendar

People love attention. They also love to be remembered. Make sure you can gather as much information as possible from your clients. From birthdays, to anniversaries, favorite foods, hobbies, and even their childrens’ interests. Use a service like mailboxpower.com and periodically send them gifts and letters. Don’t forget about holidays as well. By doing this you will forever be in the back of your clients mind. Next time a topic of real estate comes up in their family or friends group, you’ll be the first they talk about. 


Hire a cleaning crew

Before your clients move to their new home you can offer to hire a cleaning crew for them. Get their house in tip top shape before they start bringing all of their belongings. You can also offer to send them a cleaning crew one or two months after moving, once the dust has settled from moving in. 


Host a home opening party

Once they’ve completely moved in, offer to host a party for their friends and family. Order some food, drinks, and don’t forget the music. Along with going above and beyond for your clients, this method also opens you up to additional business. While you’re there enjoying the party you will meet everyone they’ve invited. Time to connect!



With either your Thank You card, basket, or whatever you send after closing, include a $1 scratch off lottery ticket. This will excite them beyond measure and it’s not something they’d expect. Can you imagine if they win big? You will be thanked and remembered forever!